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Tips and info for beginners of multi-day hikes and bikerides

May. 23, 2023

Summer sports in Austria

When you feel every muscle on the last meters before the summit; when you jump into the cool lake water on the hottest day of the year; and when you fall asleep in the evening with a satisfied smile on your face and tired legs - that is summer vacation and life in motion. 

Tours lasting several days

Going hiking and dragging all your luggage with you? Hanging bags everywhere on the bike? For many vacationers, a rather daunting idea. But once you give multi-day tours a chance, you soon succumb to their charm. On the way from picturesque villages to original huts, we simply experience more - more scenery, more hospitality, more adventure. And somehow we find ourselves in a very original way, carrying everything we need on our backs.

This is where our selected multi-day hiking & hut tours and cycling & mountain biking tours come in.  In our new program you will find tours for beginners, 
for families as well as tours for advanced hikers.

The best time for a multi-day tour? From May to September!

The most important tips for beginners

Hiking is cool and is very trendy. More and more newcomers are venturing onto the mountain. For novice hikers an mountainbikers planning their first tour in alpine terrain, we have collected some tips for getting started.

When hiking/cycling in the mountains, the weather is a very central point, but also the appropriate equipment. Having a good schedule is also important, and most importantly you also need to know if you are up to the planned tour. "Am I healthy and am I fit? It just always applies: start small and then increase. The more it goes from walking to hiking to mountain hiking, the more the adventure part and the uncertainty increase. The honest self-assessment is central!

The 7 most important tips 

    1. check the weather before and during the hike.

 Before and during a hike, you should always keep an eye on the weather, for example with the app Meteoblue. This way you can avoid unpleasant surprises, such as getting caught in a weather change. If the weather should change suddenly, estimate whether a hut or accommodation is within reach. If not, you should abort the tour and take the same marked path back to the starting point.

     2. make sure you have the right equipment and good hiking boots.

"The key to success in mountain hiking is really good hiking boots," says Michael Larcher of the German Alpine Club. What belongs in the hiking backpack is also particularly important. You should have sufficient protection against the cold and wet (functional clothing that is windproof, waterproof and breathable) and sun protection (headgear, high-quality sunglasses, sunscreen). The smartphone is important to be able to make emergency calls (Euro emergency 112 or in Austria the 140 for mountain rescue) and also a first aid kit. In addition, a small forehead emergency lamp is useful, as well as at least one liter of water per person and trail mix or fruit or granola bars.

    3. choose tours appropriate to the season and fitness level. 

Start slow and then increase. For the vast majority, it's about having an enjoyable experience and goals should be set accordingly." You should be properly equipped and have the weather forecast in mind. Go with partners you know and know about their ability and risk tolerance. Overall, a group must always be considerate of its weakest member.

    4. keep the backpack as light as possible and do not carry anything useless.
    5. take food and water only in moderation if there are stops along the way.
    6. keep an eye on the time - so leave early and take advantage of the cool morning hours.

Rule of thumb: the early bird avoids heat, thunderstorms and darkness. 
Tour duration is in our descriptions. In summer you should set off in good time. Michaels Larcher of the German Alpine Association gives the tip: "Two-thirds of the time given for a hike should be completed before 12 o'clock. For a six-hour tour, that means two-thirds would be four hours - that's when I start at 8 o'clock. At the latest." In the summer, you avoid the heat and the risk of thunderstorms, as these tend to occur in the afternoon or evening hours. And you won't have to wait until dark to get back!

    7. know the dangers and be attentive, because mountain hiking means adventure.

Dangers lurking by the wayside 

Weather caprices such as sudden changes with snow, storm, fog, thunder and lightning are risk factors when hiking. But the opposite, heat, should also not be underestimated and should always be taken into account.