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From modern aviation at Vienna Airport to the ancient Romans in Carnuntum

Day Trip:

Period:  16.03. – 17.11. 2024 2024: daily (except Monday)
Duration: 8.45 am – 5.45 pm  (9 hours)

Included Services:

  • ride in a comfort bus
  • Visitor World Tour including bus tour, adventure room and visitor terrace 
  • optional: Birdly flight (flight simulator) at Vienna Airport
  • 2-course Roman lunch (excl. drinks)
  • Admission and 2.5-hour guided tour “Cosmopolitan City on the Danube Limes” in the Roman city of Carnuntum or
  • Admission and 1-hour guided tour followed by the Caesar Trophy


Embark on a journey through time from modern aviation at Vienna Airport to the ancient Romans in Carnuntum.

Experience the hustle and bustle at the airport. Starting in the Visitor World Terminal, you first explore the airport apron on a bus tour. Here you can experience what is happening at the airport up close and take off and landings can be observed at close range.

Then you get to know the cockpit perspective by means of multimedia installations in the experience room, find out the path of the suitcase and view the airport from the virtual perspective of an air traffic controller. The highlight is the Birdly flight. With "Birdly" daring people can fly very realistically over prehistoric landscapes or immerse themselves in the urban canyons of New York (optionally bookable, limited number of participants). By moving your arms, you control your flight yourself, creating a highly immersive, full-body experience. Fulfill your dream of flying with "Birdly"!

Finally, enjoy the 180-degree view from the visitor terrace. Your day trip continues to the Roman city of Carnuntum as if in flight. After an original Roman 2-course menu, immerse yourself in the world of antiquity. In Carnuntum, the Roman era is not a distant past, but a present that can be experienced with all senses. Explore the brand new exhibition "Cosmopolitan City on the Danube Limes" on a 2.5-hour tour in the Museum Carnuntinum, which will take you on a journey through the history of Carnuntum.

Afterwards you will see the rebuilt houses of the Roman Quarter, which are unique in the world. Alternatively, there is the 1-hour tour "Highlights in the Roman Quarter", which gives you a compact overview of the history and life of the Romans in Carnuntum. At the subsequent Caesar's Trophy, you can demonstrate your standing stone throw and wild boar hunting skills (min. 30 people). The best team wins!


Price per person: from 94,-
Group size 50-57 people

Price per person: from 98,-
Group size 38-49 people

Price per person: from 104,-

Group size 30-37 people

Price per person: from 119,-
Group size 20-29 people 

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