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Schönbrunn Zoo

Welcome to the world's oldest zoo!
Schönbrunn Zoo
Schönbrunn Zoo


Founded in 1752 as a " menagerie " by Empress Maria Theresa, the Schönbrunn Zoo is not only part of the UNESCO world cultural heritage, but was awarded "Best Zoo of Europe" four times in a row. In perfect harmony between conservation and modern animal keeping more than 700, some endangered species, have found a home and a survival space for their kind.

From A for Anteater to Z for Zebra
A visit at the zoo is a journey through all the continents into the fascinating world of animals. Watch Giant pandas, Siberian tigers, orangutans, rhinos, koalas and elephants, take a dip in the Amazon and experience the tropical rainforest.

Tip: young animals make the hearts of the visitors beat faster. Especially if they come as a double pack. Both the Great Pandas and the Amur leopard have twins and you can watch them playing, climbing and cuddling with their mothers.

Special offers, such as evening and night tours, theme tours, commented feeding and backstage tours, as well as culinary festivals with gourmet dinners, make the visit to the Tiergarten an experience for the whole family.

Open all year round!
Admission per person: EUR 20,-
Children 6-18 years: EUR 10,-


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